Our book

Published by Laurence King in August 2016 and now available in Korean, Ukrainian, Turkish and Chinese, this lavishly illustrated book contains a feast of fun facts, marvellous maps and delicious dishes to explore. Featuring 13 tasty recipes from around the world that the whole family can cook and enjoy together.

Not just a recipe book

This isn’t just a recipe book, it’s a book celebrating the diversity of food around the world, and the part it’s played in our history and culture. Kids will learn all about food from dozens of countries including farming in the USA, chillies in Mexico, restaurants in France, preserving food in Sweden, the floating markets of Thailand and eating outdoors in Australia. Three detailed maps also explore broader themes: how colonisation, the slave trade and immigration have left their mark on the Americas; how climate affects the food grown across Europe and the Mediterranean; and, how the Spice Route shaped the world we know today.

Making Mealtimes Fun

Each country introduces ingredients or customs through illustrated scenes that encourage children to try a related recipe with three simple tasks they can help with. Our recipes have been designed to be adaptable, feature an unusual ingredient or cooking method and, most importantly, be meals the whole family can enjoy. We don’t believe kids should eat different meals to their parents!


Books like this go a long way in helping mums and dads inspire a love of healthy eating in younger kids … a bright visual feast – The Sun

Humour, curiosity, surprises and tantalising invitations to try new things fill every page of this wonderful book – Playing by the Book

Lara has totally immersed herself in this book. The Ingreedies have captured her imagination and its good to see her devouring the facts in this book like an atlas. – Mellow Mummy

A gem of a food book for children … a fascinating dip into food terms and ingredients, for example, teaching what Americans mean by grits, and the terms for different shaped pasta.  – Minerva Reads

The best book yet for all-around foodie family fun … I can’t imagine any family where it wouldn’t be a welcome gift. – Publishers Weekly

An utterly fantastic book that bowled us over – Readitdaddy

A godsend for parents and grandparents of fussy eaters – The Lady

The perfect resource to get your kids excited about food. – Sneaky Veg Blog

The Ingreedies book is available online from Amazon and eBay