Moon & Creepy Crawly Spreads for Okido

We believe kids can learn so much about the world through food. Our two guest spreads for kids’ science and arts magazine Okido teach kids about what astronauts eat and what grows in the vegetable patch.

Moon Issue

For Okido’s Moon issue, the Ingreedies ask “what do astronauts eat?”, and look at the challenges of storing and preparing food in space, where there is very little room, no gravity and certainly no supermarkets! Our Speedy Space Noodles recipe is inspired by freeze-dried food, which is rehydrated in space by adding water.

Creepy Crawlies Issue

For Okido’s Creepy Crawlies issue, Lexi takes a look around the garden and asks “what’s living in the veg patch?” – some of the creatures she finds are really useful when you’re growing food while others can be a real nuisance. Our mini vegetable frittatas recipe uses ingredients grown in the veg patch.