Around the Island with the Ingreedies at Quay Arts

Ingreedies ran a half-term event at Quay Arts to celebrate the wonderful local food producers of the Isle of Wight. Six producers were invited to give show-and-tell talks to the kids, who then produced a huge food map of the island.

A food-themed day

Our day of food-related activities began with a screening of the film Ratatouille in the morning. Lunch was on offer in the Quay Arts café, who featured recipes from Around the World with the Ingreedies on their menu. During the afternoon we curated a series of show-and-tell talks from six local food producers, ran an activity workshop and a recipe invention competition.

Activity workshop

Ingreedies illustrator Chris ran an activity workshop where the kids produced drawings for a huge food map of the Isle of Wight, featuring our six local producers and a surprising number of unexpected dinosaurs! The finished map was left on display at Quay Arts for two weeks after the event.

What a delightful day and I purchased two signed books for my grandchildren. They are so amusing and I just love the cartoons. My fav people there were the honey and goats cheese, plus the juicing was ace. Thank you.

Ruth Anne Smith on Facebook

Island Pie Competition

We challenged the kids to come up with an idea for an Island Pie, inspired by the local food producers they’d been hearing from. We asked them to draw their pie and tell us what they’d put in the filling, what the topping would be made from and what you’d have with it.

Taste of the Wight helped us pick a winner. We had some fabulous responses, both sweet and savoury, but our favourite was 9-year-old Poppy, who’s Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pie was no doubt inspired by Living Larder’s beetroot and the goats from the Isle of Wight Green Barn. Poppy’s pie even featured a crust in the shape of a goat’s head – genius!

Poppy won an Ingreedies apron and a box of kitchen goodies, and also saw her idea worked up into an Ingreedies recipe (we had great fun trying to recreate Poppy’s drawing in pastry!). If you want to try Poppy’s winning recipe, you can download it here:

Recipe: Poppy’s Isle of Wight Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pie (PDF)